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All Phase Services has been in the business of removing pavements, of crushing concrete, asphalt and aggregate materials for the past 5 years. Progressively every year our tonnage of materials crushed have increased to where last year we crushed over 26,000 tons of material.

Our objective is to continue portable crushing in the east coast and to continue to improve our operations with new innovative equipment and highly trained employees. We will continue to prove through performance that we also run a safe crushing operation, second to none.

Our mission: To continue to cut down on the amount of materials that are dumped in landfills, destroying our beautiful landscapes; to actively recycle materials in every state; to find new and innovative ways to recycle new products; to become a household name in the recycling industry.

We at All Phase Services take great pride in our company, from our equipment to our employees to some of the major high profile projects that we have completed. We also take great pride in being a safe operating company and a company that performs to the high expectations of the owners and general contractors that we work for.

Our high quality operations, work ethics and performance, along with treating people fairly, are qualities that we have incorporated into our company.

Why Recycle


The Cost Savings and availability of recycled materials over virgin stones, in some parts of the country, is a major factor.
Using recycled material in-place of virgin stone will typically save you between 10% to 15% per ton. Also, depending on the actual weight of the existing concrete that you are recycling, it may increase that savings by another 5%.

Availability of virgin aggregates in some parts of the country are also a problem, and may significantly increase the value and cost savings of recycled materials. When you factor in the costs of hauling aggregates long distances, you can see that an existing pile of concrete on your site may be worth a lot of money. Many southern states have limited and sometimes poorly graded aggregate supplies which have made recycled aggregates an attractive alternative.

Recycled Aggregate

What is recycled aggregate? Recycled aggregate is virgin stone and gravel which has been previously used in construction and has been crushed and separated from contaminants. There are several applications in which recycled aggregate can perform as well as virgin aggregate.

Benefits of Recycling
The use of recycled aggregate can:
Save money for local governments and other purchasers.
Create additional business opportunities.
Conserve diminishing aggregate resources.
Save energy when recycling is done on site.
Help local government meet their goal of reducing disposal by 50 percent by the year 2000